Cedel oral care products have been on the market for over 45 years. In this time Cedel has developed its range, becoming the #1 Australian made and owned toothpaste.

Cedel launches its first oral care product, Fresh Breath Spray. The handy 12mL spray means it can travel anywhere with you! Cedel Fresh Breath Spray instantly cleans and freshens your mouth with a great minty taste.

Expanding on the oral care range, Cedel launches their first toothpaste, Cedel Spearmint toothpaste.
Cedel Spearmint toothpaste contains a special low abrasion soft polish, helping to remove stains and prevent plaque build-up. Cedel Spearmint toothpaste polishes teeth to a dazzling shine every time.

Cedel diversifies their range with the addition of Cedel Mouth Wash. The special germ fighting formula fights plaque and whitens teeth. The product when used in conjunction with Cedel Toothpaste helps improve overall oral health.

Cedel adds an amazing new product to their toothpaste range with the release of the Medicated Toothpaste, now known as Cedel Sensitive Toothpaste. The specially formulated toothpaste helps sensitive teeth suffers enjoy all the food they love pain free.

Cedel also introduces their amazing Whitening toothpaste. The special soft polish formula prevents plaque build-up and removes stains, giving Aussies whiter, brighter smiles.

Cedel continues to expand their toothpaste range, introducing Cedel Propolis toothpaste. Cedel uses the natural acids, flavours and minerals in propolis to create a toothpaste that provides natural oral protection.

Cedel has entrenched itself as the number 1 Australian made and owned toothpaste with Spearmint and Sensitive toothpaste. Cedel toothpaste is ranged in all major retailers in Australia and has developed a strong, loyal customer base.

2016 & Beyond
Stay tuned for exciting developments in the Cedel toothpaste range. In 2016 Cedel aims to introduce three new toothpaste variants to their successful range: Kids, Smokers and Herbal Toothpaste as well as relaunching Cedel’s much loved Propolis Toothpaste.

So keep your eyes out.